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About Me

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My name is Kim Brewer and I have been making cards for 20+ years as a hobby and find it to be a great joy.  I love being able to "mail some kindness" and let others know they are special to me.  I am a wife, mother, and after 40 years in the mortgage insurance industry, happily retired!  I am a Christian woman who believes in community service and helping others when and where I can. 


Card making is my passion and I hope you find some cards that make you smile and potentially would make others smile as well.    My cards are handmade, limited quantities, and each is slightly different.   


Shipping is $10.40 via USPS for any card order of 14 or less.    Shipping is free when you purchase 15 or more cards (the site will automatically calculate, just proceed with the check out process).   Of course, if you are picking up, no charge!   


Card stock changes day to day - which is the fun of it! If you'd like to contact me, my email address is and I will be sure to get back to you.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to working with you.  Kim

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